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Singapore's No.1 Supplier for Thermal Paper Rolls

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Why Go Coreless?

Simply put it... Coreless Thermal Paper Roll has up to 30% more paper length (*depending on roll size) enabling more prints than regular cored paper rolls!

  • Coreless thermal paper rolls provide convenience and time savings for users, especially during peak hours...  Imagine changing your rolls with a snaking queue at the cashier!

  • Of course!  Longer paper length for more prints!

  • More Eco Friendly, imagine filling your waste bin with paper or plastic cores!

  • Smaller boxes of Thermal Paper Roll allows for better storage at a small cashier's counter.  A great space-saving solution!

Why Go Coreless?

Why Buy from Us?

Why buy from us?

Offering the best pricing and value for Coreless Thermal Paper Roll in Singapore.

  • We offer only coreless thermal paper rolls as we are certain it will offer bigger cost savings as well as value for our customers.

  • It's as easy to order as 1-2-3! No long forms to fill, just Whatsapp us and order in less than 1 minute!

  • We offer fast delivery of 1-2 working days after you place your order.

  • With our manufacturing principle certified ISO 9001, you can ensure that you get consistent and high-quality products for every order.

  • We do not charge GST so what you see is what you get, all prices quoted are net price!

  • We accept all orders no matter how big or how small, we will provide the best prices and service
    possible to take the hassle out of ordering your most needed thermal paper rolls.

Our Coreless Thermal Paper Rolls

How to order?

Ordering is easy as 1-2-3...


Send us your order via Whatsapp


Advice Payment Method (COD/PayNow)
& Delivery Details


Receive delivery confirmation & wait for delivery

Official Invoice will be issued for all purchases

Ordering Smaller Quantities

Looking for Small Quantities?

If you are looking for smaller quantities for your nets or POS receipt thermal paper roll, 25 rolls or even 15 rolls? Fear not, just click on the following image and let us know what your required!

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